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KNIGHT GUARD starts production in Israel
"KNIGHT GUARD closing strong partnership and is opening second manufacturing line for ballistic protection products in Israel with beginning of 2019."
KNIGHT GUARD becomes official Agent for LENCO Armored Vehicles
"KNIGHT GUARD becomes official Agent for LENCO Armored Vehicles, manufactured in the US, with beginning of 2019."

Why choose KNightGuard

KNIGHTGUARD is developing and manufacturing some of the best performing protective products at highest quality and latest technology for the military, law enforcement as also security environment. We embed practical experiences into the development, manufacturing process and supply our clients with complete B2B solutions, worldwide. Due to our facilities and partners all around the world we are flexible and fast reacting. Our high quality products performing allover the world such as in Israel, North-America, Latin-America and Eastern Europe.


  • 15 years experience
  • Only certified plates & helmets
  • Best price quality-ratio
  • Best solutions from one source
  • Including logistic handling

world wide delivery

We ship world wide and can organise trucking within Europe or shipping by Vessel for Oversea deliveries.


  • To become the leading manufacturer for Tactical and Law Enforcement Gear/Equipment
  • To work closely together with our partners and involve their practical experiences into our development/manufacturing process
  • To consult our clients in best deeds and dealing with enquiries within 24 hours
  • To supply the best solution with top-end quality based on our customers project and budget
  • To serve our clients with open and transparent communication
  • To ensure our clients safety requirements are met at a reasonable cost
  • To always stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the field.

About us

KNIGHT GUARD is a swiss based company located in Zuerich-Switzerland. Due to a lengthy experience of product development and manufacturing products for the law enforcement, military & security environment we put our focus on manufacturing and distributing top end protective products based on latest technology.

KNIGHTGUARD puts its main focus in protective products such as Balllistic Vests, Ballistic Helmets etc. as also into Security Equipment such as Metal Detectors and Armored Vehicles manufactured by LENCO.

All our equipment is manufactured with care and offered on B2B basis to governments, district/ city departements & private companies.

Reliable Partners


UBS is one of the biggest and a well known finance institution in the world and is taking care of all our financial affairs, global. Please contact us for payment conditions.


We maintain a close relationship with our logistic partner since more then 15 years. INTRALOG is our reliable partner taking care of all our logistic affairs. No matter if shipping by sea, air, train or truck we are able to serve you all around the globe. Contact us for more informations.


One of the biggest insurer in the world with which we maintain a long relationship since years is Allianz.


Due to our cooperation with the EUROPEAN SECURITY ACADEMY we are able to provide training programs for security, law enforcement & military professionals as well as civilians in the largest training facility within Europe. Contact us for more informations.



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